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Production of sustainable and eco-friendly printing and packaging products is one of our main companies goals. Absolute majority of materials used for our companies printing and packaging solutions are either easily recyclable or made from already recycled materials. Our companies are FSC certified and they encourage usage of FSC certified materials.

All our cluster companies has been FSC® certified and produce FSC®-labelled products by incorporating the relevant FSC® certified papers. FSC® certification guarantees that our companies products have been produced from raw material obtained from controlled sources, which ensures the protection of forests and forest ecosystems. By purchasing FSC® products, consumers contribute to sustainable forest management and environmental protection.

Every year, companies set and implement targets to reduce water and electricity consumption in the production process.

The electricity consumed in the production of our cluster company is 92-100 percent. derived from renewable sources of emergence.

All our companies control waste - 100% of waste is sorted and 96% of it is returned for recycling.


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